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Sonic Fan Remix: Better than a major game studio

2011-05-11 13:23:24 by iiRockpuppy

Don't blink. Sonic Fan Remix comes flying by with graphically enhanced Sonic levels for your 2D-classic gaming experience you'll never forget.

If you haven't already played the game, trust me, it's a sight to behold. It's certainly caught the attention of world renowned "GameInformer" magazine (which is where I first heard of the game). The art direction is profound and the graphics are as good as they get, they really bring me back to the good old days of classic Sonic gaming. And the music is just memorable as the game it's self.

And that's just the demo! You can get a free download here. It works exceptionally better with torrents, but other wise, you still get the same amount of gameplay.

Sonic Fan Remix: Better than a major game studio


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