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Sup Bobbo, Sup Jerry (spoiler)

2011-04-24 16:06:27 by iiRockpuppy

Just beat Icarus Proudbottom and the Curse of the Chocolate Fountain.
Although the outcome of the game has ended up just as every other indie game, with the bad puns, hilarious twists and even more iconic storyline, I will continue to look up at the stars in search for the enchantment of the brown comet flying by.
The music in this is phenomenal, a nice catchy tune as I found myself dashing through the skies or slicing birds' heads off to the beat.
As for game play however, I believe it was the boss battles that completely set a mark for the actual game play in it. They were extremely thought out and proves that they all have had a serious amount of depth in it.

So, as for now, I say goodbye.

Sup Bobbo, Sup Jerry (spoiler)


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