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Brawl Tourney this week!

2011-02-21 15:34:21 by iiRockpuppy

Entering as Luigi, he's my main. My usernames: Petey. There's some pretty serious competitors here, the one's I know of are mostly the regular Top Tiers: Samus, Snake, Ness, Meta Knight...

If your interested, sorry, we can't take anymore players, but I'll be updating as to what's happening. Results wise and such, nothings really happened on my part... yet. Hope I can fit in a match today, my friend's coming over. My opponent in the first match, whom I can not recall at the moment, has a username of 116. I think I'm going to learn to hate that number...

Anyway, it's a pretty all around basic tourney; no items, 3 stock, 8 minutes, flat stages. (No, not Flat Zone xD)
Places like Final Destination, Battlefield, Smashville, and Yoshi's Island. My top picks are Final Destination or Battlefield.

So, discuss, rant, or for see that I have good luck in this tourney. See you guys soon!

Oh yeah, post friend codes if you want. I'll respond with mine if you do or interested to face the power of Wee-gee.

Brawl Tourney this week!

So uh :T

2011-02-15 22:47:05 by iiRockpuppy

Anybody even like my art? Even a little? > ~>

Hopefully they won't get removed e __ e