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2011-04-05 00:02:30 by iiRockpuppy

I REALLY did it this time, so much better than my last, fuck yeah. B)



2011-04-03 23:36:05 by iiRockpuppy

...well, ok yeah, you could probobly beat that... STILL. Check out this awesomer game than that low quality crap yes addictive playability of Metroid game that was front paged and check out Space is Key

The point is... try to beat my highscore, I might update it.... maybe.....



2011-04-01 16:41:31 by iiRockpuppy

I really, and speaking for a lot of OTHER serious fans of yours.... get on with Girlchan in Paradise Episode 4!! That'd be really amzingggg... just saying.... :T
Cause ur lyke werkn' on all your other stuff. It's just felt like a delay.
Anyway, you're probably really busy with real life situations... just ignore me. I'm sorta ranting my ass off over here > n>

Edit: ...oh yeah, oney, get working on that leo and satan crap we love too e Ue


Luigi's Uprise!!

2011-03-10 00:36:55 by iiRockpuppy

Ok ok, so I haven't produced enough information updated on the Brawl Tourney... in fact I haven't been for about a month now.....

ANYWAY, to keep things posted, my first match.... a total loss (boo-hoo)

Ha ha, GET OVER IT!!! Because now the brackets will give the losers a real chance this time! There are two parts to the brackets, the winners of the first matches (my opponent) and the losers of the first matches... So, I still have a chance! :D How ever the losers were in the second line up I get to face, so it makes it even more of a challenge....

But, if you're on the losers side, there's no such thing as "third chances" and you automatically get kicked out of the entire competition.
Again, wish me luck and hopefully a better chance at beating my opponent....
Oh, I almost forgot, my fist match, well, I did fairly decent... for losing.... remember, there were no item involved!:

First match: Luigi (me) VS Capt. Falcon at Smashville, with Capt. Falcon winning

Second match: Luigi (still me) VS Ness at Battlefield, with me winning!

Third match: Luigi (Is it clear to you that I'm good with Luigi or just overly obsessed?) VS Falco at Final Destination, with Falco winning....

I'm actually good against Capt. Falcon with Luigi and I'm surprised I lost... and viscerally, I'm bad when I'm against Ness and even more shocked I won.

But, I suck with Falco.... or Zelda... Eh, all well. Better luck this time!

Edit: Had to fucking drop out, my Wii broke - n-

Luigi's Uprise!!

I love revisiting some of my oldest and most fondest game remixes or reduxes in own personal genre. That feeling I get when I find myself almost shaking over the intensity that it brings me. I get the sensation to hum to so many of the familiar tunes in a modern version but still basing it off it's own originality. New releases or timeless classics, they always give me the greatest amount of nostalgia.

Some of my favorite from any great line of series are:

-Zelda: Classic NES, OoT, MM, WW, TP
-Mario: Paper Mario, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario, Luigi's Mansion,
-Pokemon: Red/Blue, Heart/Gold, Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, HeartGold/SoulSilver
Star Fox: Star Fox, Star fox 64, Star Fox Assault
-Kirby: Classic NES, DS Releases,
Super Smash Bros.: SSB, SSBM, SSBB
-Sonic: Sonic 1, Sonic CD, Sonic R, Sonic Heroes
-MegaMan: Gens. 1, 2, 3, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, MegaMan X series
-Various: F-Zero, Kid Icarus, Portal, Kingdom Hearts, TRON
There are so much more, but I've tried to narrow it down to what I've officially Favorited on Newgrounds.

Jeez, now if only I could get myself a ticket to MagFest, I'd really have the opportunity to rock out....

So many classics... So little time...


2011-02-26 11:27:21 by iiRockpuppy

on September 23 C:

Yayy, Yotam~ Wooooo
Ha ha ha ha ha, look what took me all morning to do (fixed blocky-ness):


The fuck?

2011-02-25 00:10:53 by iiRockpuppy

I go to all the work of making these long ass statuses and nobody even contacts me for a friend code or anything? :<
And no, not even this or my second most recent ones are long, but the two before my most 2 recent posts are long!! D<

Pffft... Friend code.

2011-02-24 16:00:11 by iiRockpuppy

Ok, I'm not getting any messages for a friend code, (Or comments for that matter) so I'm just gonna post my fucking friend code now for the sake of it.

Petey: 4169-1937-6071

This isn;t as much of a random post as much as it is the fact that I need to practice, so, read some of my earlier posts and leave your friend code in the comments below... if you want. :l

Credit for the picture below goes to: ~AbyssWolf of deviantART

Pffft... Friend code.

Well, here goes... (2am in the FUCKING MORNING...)

2011-02-23 02:22:25 by iiRockpuppy

So uh, I've seen this a lot on Youtube. Didn't really know where else to buy it...

Then I found this link: PROFESSAH FUCKING LAYTON

That is just beast...

Anyway, back on topic with the Brawl Tourney, I'm going to be facing my opponent head on tomorro-- er, later today... at 5 PM. It's actually a 3 part 1 on 1 Brawl, so I guess my competitors will be... Lucas, Toon Link and Luigi.

Ugh... and all this time, I've been training for Luigi. I'd practice now but eh, it's 2 am xD and I doubt anyone's online... Not only this, but now I have a friend coming over... *sigh* Gonna have to make the best of it. So, I better rest up if I'm to win!

Edit: I just remembered something I saw online...
Luke: Professor, what are you wearing those gloves for anyway? You never wear gloves!
Layton: Luke, a gentleman must always remember no to give away one's identity at the scene of a crime... even his fingerprints.
Luke: Oh, is that your famous intuition speaking, Professor?
Layton: Hm.

or they'd say:
Luke: Professor, just what are you doing with that shotgun?
Now Luke, you know a gentleman never makes a scene in public. On the contrary, if the conditions threaten a lady, drastic calls *BOOM* (headshot) for drastic measures.


Well, here goes... (2am in the FUCKING MORNING...)

Here's the line up!

2011-02-22 13:43:42 by iiRockpuppy

Remember, my username's Petey! :'D

Line up

Still haven't gotten to my challenge yet... I just got in contact with him yesterday though, so we're going to work something out tonight.

Any additional information can be asked through comments or messaging me, like who my mains are and friend codes. C:

Oh yeah, check out my awesome Windows Paint skills.... (lol, yeah, it sucks...)
You wont find this on Google Images:

Here's the line up!